Hybrid mobile apps with ionic

Ishank Gupta

Mobile applications have assisted businesses to increase their profits exponentially. But choosing the platform out of iOS, Android or Windows turns out to be a subject of question. Designing apps for all of them is quite infeasible. So, a framework was created which allows you build apps that can be deployed on all platforms.

Ionic is a hybrid app development framework using AngularJS assisting you in simplifying the development of the front end. The open-source framework provides tools for developing apps using HTML5, Javascript and CSS. Using Angular, Ionic provides custom components and methods for interacting with them. Above all, Ionic is just more modern.

Reasons to why Ionic

  • Optimized for AngularJS:
    Ionic and AngularJS seem to complement each other for many reasons: The UI components used in Ionic are AngularJS Directives; multiple of them being provided making interface components easy to use. The framework controls the UI elements by use of delegates. Also, you can...
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AngularJS - Next gen web applications

Ishank Gupta

Angular is a JavaScript framework that extends the functionality of HTML and helps ease out the development of enterprise single page web applications. The framework is maintained by Google and helps in designing and testing phases of such applications working on the model-view-controller architecture while maintaining code quality.

Most frameworks implement MVC by asking you to break down your application into components, then write the code to combine them up together again. Angular implements MVC by asking you to split your app into MVC components and Angular does the rest. It manages your components and also serves as a platform to connect them.

AngularJS works by first reading the original HTML page designed using the standard tags and elements. It then interprets those attributes as directives to bind parts of the page to a model that is represented by standard JavaScript variables. AngularJS is built around the notion that declarative programming should be used for building...

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