Realtime applications with Node.js

Ishank Gupta

Node.js has enabled JavaScript running on the server, earlier it was used for browser UI/UX coding. Traditionally, web applications worked on request response paradigm making the client always initiate communication. The intervention of Nodejs has made possible the development of web applications with two-way connections, where both the client and server can initiate communication. Apart from many other functionalities, primarily Node.js is a way of running JavaScript on the server.

JavaScript was used for client side programming designing rich UI/UX and languages with different syntax and form were used for server side programming. But knowledge and expertise in two different formats of languages was required for developing a fully functional application. To combat this issue, Nodejs was designed. Employing Nodejs enables working on both server side and client side with skill in one language.

A fundamental principle of Node is enabling processes to run in background. With most...

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