Spree Vs Magento Vs Shopify

Ishank Gupta


SpreeCommerce is a Ruby on Rails based e-commerce solution with additional functionality which allows for rapid development. It is easy to use demanding no specialization in any platform.

  • SpreeCommerce is easy to pick up and does not require specialization.
  • It provides extensions for additional functionality and easy to use admin.
  • The core is open source and sustained by the community.


Shopify is another option that is easy to perform, offers low-customization options, good for small business organizations.

  • No access to the code makes it less flexible to make changes.
  • Constraints on functionality exist.
  • Shopify is a hosted solution.
  • Shopify is a commercial product (you need to pay for it).


Magento is a feature rich platform with a recognized score. Being used by many large retailers, the platform is possessed by eBay which ensures it isn’t likely to go anywhere. To perform efficiently, you will need developers with specific skills.

  • The admin is...
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Right e-commerce platform for your online store - SpreeCommerce

Ishank Gupta

Proliferated businesses have boosted the need of e-commerce platforms. The scope of these platforms is from managing inventory to allowing users to manage account activities like tracking orders, platforms like SpreeCommerce, Shopify, Magento are few of the best options available.

Why SpreeCommerce :

  • User-Friendliness:
    Working on the interface seems effortless and the backend is de-cluttered thus making any change would not seem much of a task. Spree accommodates muti-language and currency supports thereby marketing to regional and different linguistic audiences.

  • Regular Updates:
    The consistent updates address the issues of adding database indexes, improving the current order lookup hot spot, bug fixes, added Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking and addressing the security vulnerability.

  • Licensing:
    Spree’sBSD licenseis one of the least restraining licenses existing. Spree uses the same open source software regardless of the category of business. There is no ‘...
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Upload files in Amazon S3 with Paperclip and Rails 4

Ishank Gupta
Here is a clean approachto set the configuration of model to upload images in Amazon S3 server with paperclipin Ruby on Rails. We need following gems in out Gemfile
gem 'paperclip' gem 'aws-sdk'
In the config folder create a file called config/api_config.ymlwhere youset up yourbucket name, amazon access key and access secret in the file.
 development: amazon_bucket_name: demo-dev amazon_access_key: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX amazon_access_secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx production: amazon_bucket_name: demo-prod amazon_access_key: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX amazon_access_secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Our next step isto create a file called config/paperclip_options.yml, which will contain configurations of paperclip like styles, url, convert_options, etc
 common: &default_settings :access_key_id: <%= API_CONFIG['amazon_access_key'] %> :secret_access_key: <%= API_CONFIG['amazon_access_secret'] %> :bucket: <%= API_CONFIG['amazon_bucket_name']...
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Ruby on Rails - A killer app for Ruby

Ishank Gupta

Ruby on Rails is an open source framework making it easier to develop, deploy, and maintain web applications. The framework is designed in Ruby. Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2005 with subsequent updates being made upon.

Professional developers wanted to feel that the applications they were developing were designed and implemented using modern, professional techniques. So, these developers opted Rails and discovered it wasn’t just a tool for hacking out sites. Subsequently, Rails has undergone the transformation from being a popular framework to a dynamic fully-functional system. Rails has turned into a primary choice with a diverse set of developers working on the framework.

Rails applications are implemented using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture but Rails takes MVC further: when you develop in Rails, you start with a working application, there’s a place for each piece of code, and all the pieces of your application interact in a standard way. Best...

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